Club for Growth Action Launches Largest Anti-Trump Ad Buy


“Momentum is shifting away from Trump.”

Washington, DC – Club for Growth Action, a political arm of the Club for Growth, released the following statement about a new ad buy that is starting today in Illinois:


“The momentum is shifting away from Donald Trump,” said Club for Growth Action president David McIntosh. “Overwhelming wins by Senator Ted Cruz in Kansas and Maine, and a delegate tie in Louisiana showed that Republican voters don’t want a big-government liberal like Donald Trump at the top of the GOP ticket. They know that Trump would cost Republicans the White House, the Senate majority, and, ultimately, the Supreme Court. It will be no surprise to see the numbers tighten in tomorrow’s primaries and caucus. As voters come to know Trump’s record, they will turn to true pro-growth conservatives.


“Primary voters need to know that Trump has spent years arguing for far-left positions on taxes, health care, bailouts, and the abuse of eminent domain. And now he sounds like the worst kind of politician, warning voters that he will change positions when he feels like it. The shell game that is the Trump candidacy needs to be stopped.”


Club for Growth Action is spending about $2 million for ads that are airing on statewide broadcast and cable TV in Illinois, along with digital ads. The two ads were both aired previously and successfully in Iowa. The first ad also played a significant role in Trump’s loss in Oklahoma.



Club for Growth Action

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Which presidential candidate supports higher taxes, national health care, and the Wall Street bailout?


It’s Donald Trump.


“In many cases, I probably identify more as a Democrat.”


Trump wants us to think he’s mister tell-it-like-it-is.


But he has a record.  And it’s very liberal.


He’s really just playing us for chumps.


Trump: just another politician.


“In many cases, I probably identify more as a Democrat.”


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Club for Growth Action

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One Hundred Percent



The Supreme Court’s Kelo decision gave government massive new power to take private property and give it to corporations.


Conservatives have fought this disaster.


What’s Donald Trump say about the decision?


“I happen to agree with it one hundred percent.”


Trump supports eminent domain abuse because he can make millions while we lose our property rights.


Trump: the worst kind of politician.


Club for Growth Action is responsible for the content of this advertising.


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