Club for Growth Action Releases Iowa Ad Targeting Job Biden’s Dumb and Dumber Record


Club for Growth Action released a new ad highlighting why Joe Biden is the wrong choice for president for Democratic voters. The ad will run in Iowa during the Democratic presidential debate Thursday night.

Entitled “Dumb Things,” the ad highlights just a few of the many dumb things Joe Biden has said and done over the years that will not sit well with Democratic primary voters. The list includes siding with segregationists against desegregating schools, lying about marching in the civil rights movement, authoring the crime bill that devastated African-American community, and his inappropriate behavior with women.

Club for Growth PAC conducted a poll of Democratic primary votes in early voting states that shows the ad’s messages will be particularly effective with core Democratic constituencies.

The ad was featured in the Wall Street Journal and Reuters. The Wall Street Journal wrote: “The ad from the Club for Growth [Action] seeks to draw focus on what the group casts as vulnerabilities in the former vice president’s record on criminal justice and his role in the 1991 confirmation hearing of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.”

Reuters highlighted Club for Growth Action’s support for President Trump: “The decision by Club for Growth [Action] to attack Biden is based on internal polling the [Club for Growth PAC] conducted that was viewed exclusively by Reuters. The ad will air on MSNBC and NBC stations in Des Moines, Iowa, according to the organization.”

Joe Biden’s past statements and positions on race issues present a serious challenge to his candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination according to our polling,” said Club for Growth Action President David McIntosh. “We believe voters have a right to know what they’re getting, and with Joe Biden they’re getting a history of dumb and offensive comments and policies.”

Transcript: “Dumb Things” (60 Sec)

ANNC: Joe Biden’s done some dumb things over the years.

Like when he sided with racist Dixiecrats against measures to desegregate schools, saying we shouldn’t, quote, “hold the white man back” to “give the black man a head start.”

…then Biden had the nerve to claim he marched in the civil rights movement. He didn’t, of course.

Later, he wrote the infamous crime bill expanding the mass incarceration of a generation of black men.

BIDEN: “It doesn’t matter whether or not they we were deprived in their youth… take them out of society.”

ANNC: Biden treated Anita Hill like garbage.

And his inappropriate behavior toward women? Straight from the 1950’s.

Even President Obama urged Biden not to run, refusing to endorse him for president.

BIDEN: “I’ve done some dumb things, and I’ll do dumb things again.”

ANNC: He was right then…
…and that’s why he’s wrong now.

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