Club for Growth Action Releases TV Ad in SC-04


Washington, DC – Today, Club for Growth Action announced the release of a new ad campaign highlighting the anti-Trump statements of two Republican candidates running for Congress in South Carolina’s fourth district. The ad points out that before they were running for Congress, William Timmons and Dan Hamilton were very critical of Donald Trump.  This ad buy exceeds $300,000 and includes digital, broadcast, and cable ads running throughout South Carolina’s Fourth Congressional District.

“If you want an indication of what someone really thinks about President Trump, look at what they said before they announced their run for Congress,” stated Club for Growth Action President David McIntosh.  “Regardless of what they say now, both William Timmons and Dan Hamilton revealed their true colors about what they think about President Trump, and it’s time for South Carolina voters to know the truth.

“President Trump needs allies in Congress.  When William Timmons and Dan Hamilton had the chance to be supportive of President Trump and his policies, they did the opposite.  It’s no wonder then that while President Trump was working to lower taxes on all Americans, William Timmons supported tax increases in South Carolina.  And instead of fighting for reduced spending, time and time again, Dan Hamilton has voted for millions of dollars in earmarks and wasteful spending.”

To view Club for Growth Action’s TV ad, “In Their Own Words,”  click here.

A transcript of the TV ad is also provided below.


Club for Growth Action

:30 TV

“In Their Own Words”


If you want to know what candidates really think, check what they say BEFORE they’re candidates.


William Timmons attacked Trump. 


William Timmons quote: “I absolutely have major issues with many things Trump does.”


Dan Hamilton bashed Trump, too.  


Dan Hamilton quote: “I’m not 100 percent convinced he’s a Republican.” 


Just to be clear, Hamilton added: Quote: “I loathe Donald.”


Timmons and Hamilton.  Wrong about Trump Then.  Wrong for Congress Now.


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