CFG Action Wisconsin releases Ad in Wisconsin: “Outsiders”


 A new ad is reminding Wisconsin voters that “President Trump needs fighters in the Senate. Fighters like Kevin Nicholson.” The ad, paid for by CFG Action Wisconsin, is part of an initial $250,000 ad buy.

“President Trump can count on U.S. Marine veteran and conservative outsider Kevin Nicholson to help him carry out his reform agenda,” said David McIntosh, President of CFG Action Wisconsin. “Professional politicians like Leah Vukmir can’t be trusted to make the tough votes needed to Make America Great Again.”

To watch CFG Action Wisconsin’s TV ad, “Outsiders” see below:

Transcripts of the TV ad is also provided below.


CFG Action Wisconsin

:30 TV


President Trump needs fighters in the Senate.  Fighters like Kevin Nicholson.  

Nicholson has a real plan to help Trump drain the swamp by placing term limits on Congress and the Senate . . .

Stopping any plan by Democrats or Republicans to bring back wasteful of earmark spending . . .

And preventing Beltway bureaucrats from killing jobs with overregulation.

Marine.  Outsider. Conservative.  Kevin Nicholson for Senate.

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