Club for Growth PAC Endorses Chris Herrod (UT-03); Club for Growth Action Launches Ad Exposing John Curtis’ Tax-Hiking Record


“Chris Herrod is a tried and true fiscal conservative with a proven record.”

Washington, DC – Today, the Club for Growth PAC announced its endorsement of Chris Herrod, former Utah State Representative, for the special election to fill the UT-03 House seat, formerly held by Jason Chaffetz.   Club for Growth Action also unveiled a new TV and digital ad, entitled “Halloween,” which exposes John Curtis’ consistent support for tax increases and Tanner Ainge’s intent to be “bipartisan” and work with the likes of Nancy Pelosi.

“Chris Herrod is a tried and true fiscal conservative with a proven record,” stated Club for Growth PAC President David McIntosh.

“Unlike others in this race, Chris’ words match his impeccable, pro-growth record, and Utahns can count on Chris to fight for them.

“While some so-called Republicans in this primary only now support lowering taxes, Chris has fought for the Utah taxpayer for decades.  In his time serving the state of Utah, Chris earned some of the most impressive distinctions for his work protecting Utah taxpayers.

“When casting a vote for Chris Herrod, Utahns know exactly what they’re getting—a principled, economic conservative dedicated to protecting taxpayers instead of lobbyists and special interests.”

Club for Growth Action’s new ad can be viewed here and will begin airing August 7 on broadcast and cable networks across Utah’s 3rd district.

Club for Growth Action
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Is it Halloween already?  ‘Cause John Curtis and Tanner Ainge are busy pretending to be conservatives.

But John Curtis backed increasing taxes and fees 46 times.  Curtis even backed a twelve million dollar sales tax hike.

And Tanner Ainge?  He says we need to be more “bipartisan” in Congress – – just like Nancy Pelosi.

That’s scary!

Curtis and Ainge:  Not conservative.  Wrong for Congress.

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