Club for Growth PAC Primary Polling: After Announcing Support For Impeachment, Amodei Trails Laxalt In NV-02


Washington, D.C. – Club for Growth PAC released poll results from Nevada’s Second Congressional District that show Rep. Mark Amodei would lose to former Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt if he runs in the Republican primary. And when voters hear about Amodei’s support of the impeachment of President Trump, his support collapses even further.

“Rep. Mark Amodei has failed to support conservative principles as well as President Trump during his time in office, and Nevada voters recognize that,” said Club for Growth PAC President David Mcintosh. “Meanwhile, should former Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt, a principled, pro-growth conservative, decide to enter the race, he already has a lead, and that lead would grow as voters are reminded of Amodei’s support of Democrats and the sham impeachment. The message to Republican candidates is clear – cozying up to Democrats on impeachment will result in severe consequences at the ballot box.”

Rep. Amodei has a 60% lifetime rating and a 47% 2018 rating from the Club for Growth Foundation’s Congressional Scorecard.

Adam Laxalt leads Mark Amodei in a hypothetical primary match-up.

Mark Amodei – 35%

Adam Laxalt – 39%

Undecided – 27%

After primary voters hear about Amodei’s comments supporting the impeachment inquiry, support for him collapses further and Laxalt wins a majority of the primary vote.

Mark Amodei – 26%

Adam Laxalt – 56%

Undecided – 19%