Club for Growth PAC Gears Up For 2016: Endorses Six U.S. Senators For Re-Election


Club for Growth President Chris Chocola: “The pro-growth class of 2010 has done excellent work in the United States Senate. Our members want to make sure they stay there for another six years.”


Washington, DC – The Club for Growth PAC today announced that it is endorsing the following Senators for re-election: Ron Johnson (WI), Mike Lee (UT), Rand Paul (KY), Marco Rubio (FL), Tim Scott (SC) and Pat Toomey (PA). The Club’s PAC will immediately begin bundling contributions from Club members directly to their campaign accounts, a process that has raised millions of dollars for Senate candidates across the country several election cycles in a row.


“The pro-growth class of 2010 has done excellent work in the United States Senate. Our members want to make sure they stay there for another six years,” said Club for Growth President Chris Chocola. “The Club for Growth PAC is ready to stand by these members of Congress – all of whom have a consistent record of voting for pro-growth policies. Americans deserve to have representatives who stand on principle and fight for economic freedom, and the mission of the Club for Growth PAC is to elect them to Congress, regardless of their party affiliation.”


Senators Johnson, Lee, Paul, Rubio, Scott and Toomey all have three things in common:

1) They all were endorsed and strongly supported by the Club for Growth PAC in their previous elections. In most cases, despite opposition from within their own party or support from the Republican establishment for another candidate.

2) They all have outstanding pro-growth records, earning higher than 90% lifetime scores on the Club for Growth’s key vote scorecard. ( Club for Growth scores for the rest of the U.S. Senate can be found by clicking here. )

3) They are all up for reelection in 2016.


After these six champions of economic freedom were elected in 2010, the Club for Growth PAC and Club members throughout the country helped send them reinforcements. In 2012, the Club for Growth PAC added Ted Cruz (TX) and Jeff Flake (AZ) to the group. In 2014, three out of four Senate candidates endorsed by the Club’s PAC won their elections: Tom Cotton (AR) – who already has a lifetime 92% rating from the Club for Growth for his time in the House – Ben Sasse (NE) and Dan Sullivan (AK).


With such an important group, the Club’s PAC is taking the major step of endorsing all six incumbent Senators now, and declaring their re-election as our top electoral priority for 2016.  As it always does, the Club’s PAC intends to raise millions of hard dollars directly for their campaigns, and the Club’s Super PAC, Club for Growth Action, is prepared to devote millions more toward independent expenditures on their behalf, if necessary and depending on the competitiveness of each individual race.


NOTE: Should any of these candidates for Senate announce a campaign for President, the Club’s PAC will cease to actively bundle for their Senate campaign committees. The PAC’s endorsement of their Senate reelection campaigns is not an endorsement of a presidential candidacy. The Club’s PAC will go through a separate endorsement process that considers all presidential candidates, once that field of candidates becomes clear during the course of 2015.


The Club for Growth is the nation’s leading group promoting economic freedom through legislative involvement, issue advocacy, research, and education. 


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