Gov. Abbott, CFG Action, and AFC Victory Fund Jointly Raise 8-Figures For Texas Republican State House Runoffs Over School Choice


Washington, D.C. – Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Club for Growth Action, and AFC Victory Fund have announced that they are ready to go all in to ensure all Texas parents have access to school freedom and the quality education their children deserve. To make sure that the voices of parents are heard in the halls of the State Capitol, these groups have collectively raised 8-figures to defeat the remaining anti-school freedom Republicans in the Texas State House runoff elections. Fox News’ Joshua Q. Nelson published an exclusive report on the announcement.

“When it comes to education, parents matter, and families deserve the ability to choose the best education opportunities for their children.” said Governor Greg Abbott. “Texans spoke loud and clear on March 5th, and I am looking forward to electing more serious partners in the Texas House so we can finally deliver school choice, further reduce property taxes, and continue strengthening our border for all Texas families.”

“School freedom is the defining civil rights movement of our generation, and Texans sent a clear signal demanding school freedom during the March 5th primary elections.” said Club for Growth Action President David McIntosh. “You can no longer consider yourself a conservative if you oppose school freedom. We are proud that AFC Victory Fund and Governor Abbott’s team are allies in our united goal to win these runoffs in Texas and remove these so-called ‘republicans’ from office.”

“Education freedom is indeed the civil rights issue of our time. For too long, the Austin politicians backed by the multi-billion-dollar Big Schooling apparatus have not been willing to listen to the wishes of families who desperately want more educational options for their children. Our goal is to give a voice to these families and we look forward to their wishes being heard loud and clear at the ballot box on May 28th.” – Tommy Schultz, CEO of the Dallas-based AFC Victory Fund.