WASHINGTON, D.C. – In case you missed it, numerous outlets have covered Club for Growth’s push for meaningful parental choice and against reckless spending in phase 4 Coronavirus economic recovery legislation.

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The Wall Street Journal’s Lindsay Wise and Siobhan Hughes – “But conservative advocacy groups and activists have mobilized to push back hard against Mr. McConnell and Mr. Mnuchin’s plan, even before the text was released. Club for Growth, a conservative advocacy group, started telling lawmakers privately on Wednesday that it planned to urge a ‘no’ vote against Mr. McConnell’s bill, and would penalize any senators who voted for it in the group’s high-profile congressional scorecards. That was a change from the Club’s relative silence on previous coronavirus aid packages that passed the Senate in February and March. David McIntosh, Club president, said Mr. McConnell is encountering resistance within his own party because he and Mr. Mnuchin have ‘cooked up a trillion dollars in spending and did nothing in the bill to actually stimulate economic growth.’ Mr. McIntosh bemoaned the lack of payroll tax cuts and parental choice grants, priorities for conservatives. ’ think the president has been badly served by Mnuchin and McConnell when they just decided we’re going to run another one of these big spending bills,’ Mr. McIntosh said. ‘And we’re saying very publicly now that if McConnell has his way, that Republicans will lose, that he will have led the Republicans into the minority in the Senate…Voters will say, ‘Why elect Republicans when we can get Democrats to give us handouts? We want Republicans to rebuild the economy.’’”


Real Clear Politics; Susan Crabtree – “Outside conservative groups backing similar emergency school choice proposals say their polling shows that the program plays well in the suburbs where Trump needs to capture the same number of voters as he did in 2016, or do better. ‘We’ve done some testing in battleground states and it’s a very strong positive for the president and any other Republicans senators that champion it,’ the Club for Growth’s David McIntosh said in an interview. Internal Club for Growth [PAC] polling show the proposal is immensely popular with Trump’s Republican base, with positive reactions outweighing negatives ones by a 53-percentage-point margin. It also resonates with swing voters who view the program as positive by 10 points. Those surveyed who identified as ‘parents’ approved of it by a 23-point net positive margin. McIntosh and other conservatives want the administration to go much further and give the money directly to parents, not rely on states and governors, especially those in blue states who would likely work with teacher unions to severely restrict how parents can spend the education funds. Instead, they want these ‘parental choice scholarships’ to be available to all students who are U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents, regardless of their parents’ incomes.”


Las Vegas Review-Journal’s Debra J Saunders – “Even still, the conservative Club for Growth pushed its own preferred voucher program, an Emergency Parental Choice Scholarships proposal that would give parents, regardless of income, as much as $10,000 per child, to place their children at their school of choice or home school a child. ‘The proposal particularly resonates with parents, of course, who are struggling now with understanding what their schools are going to offer, and what will be happening for their kids,’ Club for Growth David McIntosh said. He added it would help with economic recovery by freeing working parents who cannot return to work if their children do not attend school.”


Epoch Times’ Mark Tapscott – “Any new economic recovery bill that Congress may approve and send to President Donald Trump for signature should provide financial help to parents so they can choose how their children will return to the classroom in September, according to Club for Growth President David McIntosh. ‘The Club for Growth is pushing very hard for the Senate to include in the next round of COVID relief a parental choice solution to schools that are closing and parents that are having difficulty with education for their kids,’ McIntosh told reporters July 27 during a telephone news conference.”


Washington Times Dave Boyer– “Conservatives are opposed to any extension of the weekly federal unemployment benefits, saying they shouldn’t be part of a final bill. ‘Congress must end the ‘bonus’ payment that for nearly half of American workers means they receive more in unemployment benefits than they get paid going back to their jobs,’ said the Club for Growth. ‘It is unfair to tax workers who are working to pay for a ‘bonus’ that disincentivizes other workers from going back to work.’”