Is David Jolly Florida’s Next Charlie Crist?


Washington, DC – The Club for Growth PAC released the following statement today, after Rep. David Jolly (FL-13) announced his candidacy for the U.S. Senate in Florida:

“David Jolly is a big-spending liberal and former lobbyist who can’t win re-election to his House seat, so he’s taking a page out of Charlie Crist’s handbook,” said Club for Growth President David McIntosh. “When you’re doomed to fail, find a new identity. By jumping into the Florida Senate race Jolly is running away from a district where he knows he’ll lose in 2016.

“In just 16 months in Congress, Jolly took his place as a big spender on the House Appropriations Committee and racked up a terrible record on fiscal issues. He was one of just three Republicans who voted FOR keeping the Death Tax. He voted against a conservative budget that would have cut spending, while standing for giveaways to Big Labor. Jolly is so addicted to big government, he couldn’t even muster up the courage to cut spending for a national greenhouse in DC. His 2015 Club for Growth score of 33% puts him near the bottom of House Republicans on matters of economic freedom.

“The Club for Growth PAC is proud to have endorsed Congressman Ron DeSantis for the U.S. Senate from Florida. DeSantis has a lifetime score of 95% with the Club, and he has fought for a pro-growth agenda in Congress.”

The Club for Growth is the nation’s leading group promoting economic freedom through legislative involvement, issue advocacy, research, and education.

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