McIntosh Interviewed about Harris’ Debate Criticisms of Biden and the Club for Growth Action TV Ad


Club for Growth President David McIntosh was interviewed on CNBC about the Democratic presidential primary debates, Sen. Kamala Harris’ criticisms of former V.P. Joe Biden on busing and work with segregationists, and the Club for Growth Action television advertisement that ran in Iowa last night during the debate and makes many of the same point Harris made in her attack on Biden.

“Last night what we saw was more an inner-party fight on more of the social issues, in particular Kamala Harris’ attack on Joe Biden on the busing issue. And we’ve been polling the Democratic primary voters and more than the economy, they care a great deal about Biden’s history on busing and things like that,” said McIntosh. “So, she took advantage of it and really kind of launched herself as a credible candidate on that issue.”

Watch the Club for Growth Action advertisement on Biden’s record.

Read the Club for Growth PAC polling on the Democratic presidential primary and Biden’s vulnerabilities.

Iowa State Daily reported the Club for Growth Action ad ran just before Harris made her criticisms of Biden.

McIntosh also discussed the leftward radicalization of the Democratic party and what it means for President Trump’s reelection and the economy. McIntosh said, “I think what the debate showed is almost all of the Democrats up there will hand Trump an opportunity to make the economy an issue because they’ve become so radical about their programs on the Green New Deal, huge tax increases that would stifle the job creation that is helping middle-America, and people there see it, and what Trump can say is they are going to take all that away from you.”

NBC News had a similar take on the debate and reported, “the biggest conclusion from both nights is how much more leftward/progressive/liberal the Democratic Party has moved since Barack Obama departed the Oval Office two and half years ago.”