NEW: Club for Growth Action Launches New Ads Across 5 Districts in TX-HD Runoffs


Washington, D.C. – Club for Growth Action has released 5 unique ads, spanning across 5 individual districts, in the Texas State House runoffs targeting incumbent Republicans who opposed school freedom in Texas. These ads are the latest in Club for Growth Action’s existing $4 million reservation in: TX-HD-01, TX-HD-21, TX-HD-33, TX-HD-44, and TX-HD-58.

“Parents in Texas, and across the country, are demanding a larger voice in the classroom to ensure their children receive the quality education they deserve,” said Club for Growth Action President David McIntosh. “You cannot call yourself a conservative if you side with radical education bureaucrats to muzzle parents and trap students in failing public schools. The status quo is unacceptable, and we will keep fighting until these RINOs are held accountable at the ballot box.”

Club for Growth Action, and its affiliated Super PAC School Freedom Fund, had previously invested $4 million leading up to the March 5th primaries in which 7 incumbents were defeated and the incumbents in these 5 districts were forced into runoffs.


Reserved Ad Spending by Market:

  • Dallas-Ft. Worth: $2.1 million
  • Beaumont: $896,000
  • San Antonio: $657,000
  • Shreveport: $305,000



Click here to watch One Issue, a Club for Growth Action ad highlighting Governor Greg Abbott calling Gary VanDeaver a fraud for teaming up with Democrats in Austin to raise property taxes.

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Ad Transcript:

Narrator: Governor Greg Abbott paid a visit to Lamar County.

Narrator: Abbott is campaigning against Gary VanDeaver.

Abbott: ‘He says one thing here, and goes to Austin, Texas, and does another thing.’

VanDeaver: ‘I would challenge him to name one issue.’

Narrator: Take property taxes.

Narrator: VanDeaver promised to cut them, then teamed up with an Austin Democrat on  a bill paving the way for a property tax increase.

Narrator: No wonder Gov. Abbott says ‘Gary VanDeaver is a fraud.’



Click here to view Promises, a Club for Growth Action ad informing voters of the deal Dade Phelan made, placing Democrats in charge of key committees, in order to become Speaker of the Texas State House.

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Ad Transcript:

Democrats made Dade Phelan Speaker.

Phelan rose to his position with the help of Democrats.

So, Phelan put Democrats in charge of powerful committees, allowing liberals to push their agenda on Texas.

Democrats in the House praising Phelan’s work: ‘He’s done as good of a job as he could.’

Speaker Phelan kept the promises that put him into power.

Now it’s time to take him out because he broke his promise to us.

Dade works for Democrats, not southeast Texas.



Click here to watch Inner Beto, a Club for Growth Action ad blasting Justin Holland for parroting Beto O’Rourke’s opposition to President Donald Trump.

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Ad Transcript:

Narrator: Beto O’Rourke says Trump should stay out of Texas.

Narrator: But you don’t think that President Trump should come here. Why?

O’Rourke: I was just talking to somebody.

Narrator: Must have been Justin Holland, the unhinged RINO who declared ‘Trump is not welcome in Texas.’

Narrator: Channeling his inner Beto.

Narrator: Holland called Trump ‘Out of touch, a disappointment, and a waste.’

Narrator: Vowed to never support him again.

Narrator: Never Trump Beto-RINO, Justin Holland’s got to go.



Click here to watch, Aid and Abet, a Club for Growth Action ad emphasizing President Trump’s endorsement of Alan Schoolcraft while hitting John Kuempel for being censured by his county Republican party for his support for liberal policies.

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Ad Transcript:

For State Representative, Trump says Alan Schoolcraft is the choice.

Trump calls Schoolcraft: ‘A strong Texas conservative.’

A champion of education freedom.

With Trump’s complete and total endorsement.

Because John Kuempel’s no conservative.

Trump calls Kuempel a RINO.

Censured by his own county’s Republican Party for aiding and abetting Democrats with liberal votes.

Against education freedom, for higher property taxes.

Wrong for Texas.



Click here to watch, Need to Know, a Club for Growth Action ad exposing Dewayne Burns for masquerading as a Republican while joining Democrats to oppose school freedom, raise property taxes, and usher in soft on crime policies.

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Ad Transcript:

Narrator: Governor Abbot on DeWayne Burns.

Abbott: You need to know what his record is.

Abbott: He joined with a bunch of Democrats, increasing property taxes.

Narrator: True.

Narrator: Abbott told Burns directly ‘I don’t trust you on any issue. You masquerade as a Republican but vote with Democrats.

Narrator: Blocked education freedom, soft on crime.

Abbott: You need to know what his record is, and that is…

Narrator: Liberal.