School Choice Opponents Held Accountable in Texas State House Primaries


7 Anti-School Freedom Incumbents Defeated, 5 Go To Runoff

Washington, D.C. — Club for Growth Action affiliated School Freedom Fund President David McIntosh issued the following statement following the Texas State House primaries. School Freedom Fund spent nearly $4 million on the primaries against so-called “Republicans” who blocked Gov. Abbot’s school freedom legislation, and we beat 7 incumbents on election day and 5 will go to a runoff.

“Playing politics with the education of our children is unacceptable, and today Texas voters sent a clear message that they are tired of the status quo in public school and that students should be funded, not corrupt bureaucracies,” said School Freedom Fund President David McIntosh. “It’s no longer acceptable to call yourself a conservative while you oppose school choice and take money from radical education bureaucrats. This is the beginning of a school choice revolution, and we look forward to replicating these results in other states. Republicans should either retire or expect to lose their next election if they fail to embrace giving parents a larger voice in their children’s education.”

Club for Growth Action is honored to have worked with Gov. Greg Abbott, Sen. Ted Cruz, and other school freedom advocates to win these races. School Freedom Fund was the largest TV spenders, investing nearly $4 million.


Targeted Incumbent

Race Status


Gary VanDeaver



Jill Dutton Incumbent Defeated
11 Travis Clardy

Incumbent Defeated


Ernest Bailes Incumbent Defeated


Dade Phelan



Justin Holland



John Kuempel



Hugh Shine

Incumbent Defeated


DeWayne Burns



Glenn Rogers

Incumbent Defeated

62 Reggie Smith

Incumbent Defeated

121 Steve Allison

Incumbent Defeated


Click here to watch, Power, a School Freedom Fund ad informing Dade Phelan’s repeated decisions to give Texas Democrats influence in the State Capital.

Click here to watch, Too Long, a School Freedom Fund ad highlighting Gary VanDeaver’s history of taking donations from radical education bureaucrats.

Click here to watch, Censure, a School Freedom Fund ad exposing John Kuempel for being censured by his county Republican Party for violating conservative principles.

School Freedom Fund is a Club for Growth Action affiliated Super PAC.

Paid for by School Freedom Fund and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. 202-955-5500.