School Freedom Fund Statement on President Trump’s TX-HD Endorsements


Club for Growth Action’s allied Super PAC, School Freedom Fund, issued the following statement in response to President Trumps endorsement of four Texas State House candidates who are running to defeat self-proclaimed “Republicans” who voted against school freedom. School Freedom Fund is running ads in those four districts and 10 additional districts where Republicans opposed Gov. Abbott’s school freedom legislation. School Freedom Fund will spend nearly $4 million on the fourteen primaries.

“We applaud President Trump for his four recent endorsements in Texas State House races. Liz Case, Helen Kerwin, Mike Olcott, and Alan Schoolcraft will fight for school freedom unlike their opponents who all sided with radical education bureaucrats and opposed school freedom. Texas is the front-line of the fight for school freedom, and we are happy to join with President Trump in fighting the radical anti-school freedom liberals. School freedom is the most important civil rights battle of our generation and we are spending to back-up these Trump endorsed candidates who will deliver on school freedom.” – School Freedom Fund President David McIntosh

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Paid for by School Freedom Fund and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. 202-955-5500.