Club for Growth Action Mid-Term Election Update


Washington, D.C. – As we head into the closing days of this mid-term election, here is a summary of some of Club for Growth Action’s recent announcements and ads in races across the country. If you’d like to speak to Club for Growth Action President David McIntosh please email [email protected].


·  Club for Growth Action is spending $5.5 million in the closing days of the AZSEN race.

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·  Recent Club for Growth Action AZSEN ads

o    TV ad on Kelly and inflation

o    Spanish language radio ad on Kelly and his soft-on-crime record

·  More info on Club for Growth Action Hispanic outreach follows



·  Club for Growth Action launched a new NVSEN ad on Cortez Masto and gas prices.

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o    NBC story on Club for Growth Action Hispanic outreach in Nevada

·  Club for Growth Action has invested nearly $15 million in the race supporting Adam Laxalt.

·  More info on Club for Growth Action Hispanic outreach follows


Hispanic Outreach In AZSEN & NVSEN

·  Club for Growth Action has launched a series of Spanish language advertisements in both Arizona and Nevada amid shifting voter sentiment among Hispanic-Americans. The over $3.5 million investment will help drive an unprecedented increase in support of Republicans amongst Hispanic voters in both states and elsewhere.

·  Release & coverage of Club for Growth Action Hispanic outreach



·  Club for Growth Action launched a new ad on former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman’s endorsement of Senator Mike Lee in Utah’s Senate Race.

·  Club for Growth Action and allied Crypto Freedom PAC have spent more than $8 million on the race.



·  Club for Growth Action television advertisement on Cheri Beasley’s soft-on-crime record. The ad highlights Beasley’s defense of cop killer Tilmon Golphin, and her saying that he is a good person.

·  Club for Growth Action’s previous ad highlighted Beasley’s ruling to prevent GPS tracking of a child predator.



·  Club for Growth launched a new ad on Wiley Nickel’s support for Joe Biden’s radical economic policies

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McIntosh On Mornings With Maria

·  Club for Growth Action President David McIntosh appeared on Monday’s Mornings With Maria on Fox Business discussing the midterm election.

·  McIntosh said, “Americans trust Republicans on the economy, inflation, and crime – the big issues in this election.”

·  “Take Nevada, where Club for Growth PAC is strongly behind Adam Laxalt. You see gas prices there reaching $7 a gallon in some places. Voters are not going to ignore that. Nancy Pelosi might wish that it goes away, but inflation is the topic that we hear over-and-over again is top-of-mind for voters and they want somebody in Washington to stop the spending,” McIntosh continued.


Club for Growth Action’s Allied Bitcoin Freedom PAC and Crypto Freedom PAC

·  Sarah Murray of The Block published a report on Club for Growth Action’s growth in crypto.

·  EXCERPT: “It’s natural for Republicans, particularly the free-market conservatives to support bitcoin, and cryptocurrency fits right in our wheelhouse,” said David McIntosh, president of the Club for Growth [Action], an influential conservative group that advocates for cutting taxes and reducing federal spending. The Club [for Growth Action] launched a crypto-focused super political action committee that can spend and raise unlimited funds on behalf of candidates this campaign cycle. Unlike other crypto-linked PACs that have cropped up recently, the group’s fund, Crypto Freedom PAC, is among the first launched by an establishment political group rather than a cryptocurrency mogul or crypto-native industry association. The Club for Growth [Action] is a major force in Republican politics. The GOP-aligned organization is the third-highest conservative spender in the midterm elections, according to OpenSecrets, a nonprofit that tracks campaign finance.