New KY-GOV TV AD – Meet Rapist James Hamlin, the New Face of the Beshear Campaign


Washington, D.C. – Club for Growth Action’s allied School Freedom Fund has released a new ad, Monsters, in the Kentucky Gubernatorial race. The ad highlights Beshear’s intended release of James Hamlin, who sodomized a six-year old child.


“While this blatant disregard for public safety is disgusting and should leave you outraged, it unfortunately comes as no surprise that another radical Democrat put their pro-crime agenda over public well-being,” said School Freedom Fund President David McIntosh. “This consequence-free approach to criminal justice is a tenet of the extreme socialism being championed by the likes of Bernie Sanders and Gov. Phil Murphy at the Democratic Governors Association. The silence from Beshear and his allies is a clear endorsement of the policies that are jeopardizing the lives of hard-working families. What will it take for Beshear, Murphy, and others to admit the failure in policy and leadership?”


This is the latest in a series of ads released by School Freedom Fund highlighting the criminals Andy Beshear signed commutations for  and the detrimental results this decision had on Kentucky communities. Beshear released Nathan Nickell, another pedophile who committed a separate sexual assault within 6 months of being freed. Similarly, Beshear opted to release Ashley Lewis, a convicted felon who would go on to murder a young father just days before Christmas. These are just a few examples of the horrors committed by the over 1,700 inmates the Beshear Administration let back on the streets.


Click here to watch the full ad, Monsters, from School Freedom Fund.

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Expect more from School Freedom Fund on Beshear’s record on criminal justice .

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