Club Response to State of the Union

Andrew Roth - January 23rd, 2007


Bush, Congress Need to Fight Tax Hikes and New Spending

WASHINGTON – Club for Growth President and former Congressman Pat Toomey issued the following statement after tonight’s State of the Union speech:

“This evening, the President laid out some very constructive ideas for his domestic policy agenda. Improving the tax code to encourage personal ownership of health insurance, reforming Social Security to enable personal retirement accounts, and balancing the federal budget are all laudable goals. However, they share one grave risk. That is, many Democrats will attempt to use these initiatives as an excuse to raise taxes.

We urge the President, and all pro-growth members of Congress, to resist any and all tax increases. Weakening the economy with tax hikes is no way to solve any of these challenges.

Senate Resembles 3-Ring Circus

Andrew Roth - January 12th, 2007


WASHINGTON – The Senate last night resembled a three-ring circus as Democratic leaders tried to stall a pro-growth proposal to reform the earmark process.

Senator Jim DeMint offered strong reform to the most egregious spending abuses in Congress-a proposal that was sponsored by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and that passed the House just last week. After trying, and failing, to kill the DeMint proposal, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Senator Ted Kennedy and other Democrats used stall tactics to delay a final vote. Ultimately, the Senate was forced to postpone it.

“It’s terribly hypocritical of Senator Reid and the Senate Democrats to demand earmark reform during last year’s campaigns, but then, just two months later, use every trick in the book to block very sensible reforms that would only result in more transparency and accountability in federal spending,” said Club for Growth President Pat Toomey.

The Democrats said they have a ‘New Direction’ for America, but it looks like the direction they had in mind was into the back rooms of secret, excessive and wasteful pork barrel spending.” said Toomey.

“We’re grateful that Senator DeMint, in the face of such harsh opposition, remains steadfast in his insistence that taxpayers have a right to know how their own money is being spent and by whom.” Toomey continued, “Senate Republicans, and Democrats willing to put principle over their party leadership’s pressure, have a tremendous opportunity to follow Senator DeMint’s lead by demonstrating to the American people that they learned one of the most important lessons of last fall’s election; namely, that it’s time for less wasteful spending in Washington.”

The Club for Growth, with its 40,000 members, plans to score a “YES” vote as a pro-economic growth vote in its annual rating of Congress on the DeMint amendment. Click here to learn more.

Club for Growth Wins Award

Andrew Roth - December 19th, 2006


WASHINGTON, DC &mdash The Club for Growth was voted “Best Business Blog” of 2006 in an annual contest. The results were announced yesterday and can be found here.

The Weblog Awards are the world’s largest blog competition, with over 525,000 votes cast in the 2006 edition for finalists in 45 categories. Nominations ended November 24, and voting was conducted between December 7 and December 15.

“We are very proud of this award and I congratulate our staff on making our blog #1. We believe strongly in new media and are very enthusiastic about its future, and urge everyone to make the Club for Growth their homepage. We will build on this recognition and strive to keep the Club for Growth blog on the cutting edge of both content and creativity. The more people learn about what it takes to create and sustain growth, the better it will be for our economy and our country,” said Pat Toomey, President of the Club for Growth.

As a sign of its ongoing commitment to online innovation, the Club relaunched its website as a blog in July of 2006. The Club’s blog is updated daily to provide its readers with news and information about politics, elections, and free market economics.

Club Files FEC Complaint Against Schwarz

Andrew Roth - December 06th, 2006


WASHINGTON – Club for Growth filed a complaint today with the Federal Election Commission against Congressman Joe Schwarz, the Republican Main Street Partnership (RMSP) and the Republican Mainstreet Partnership PAC for what it described as “numerous” violations of election laws and regulations.

The complaint describes widespread evidence of illegal coordination between the Schwarz campaign and the RMSP PAC, acceptance of up to $465,000 in illegal donations from the RMSP or the RMSP PAC by the Schwarz campaign, flaunting of the “stand by your ad” provisions in FEC regulations by Schwarz and RMSP PAC, and other violations.

“Joe Schwarz hasn’t accepted the voters’ decision and is living in a fantasy world where he believes he lost because others didn’t play by the rules,” said Pat Toomey, president of the Club for Growth. “The reality is, the Club for Growth PAC did play by the rules but Schwarz and many of his key supporters are guilty of massive election law violations.”

“We will not stand idly and let people file bogus complaints against us, as Schwarz has, without taking a serious look at their own compliance. We looked at Schwarz and his supporters at the Republican Mainstreet Partnership and were shocked at their cavalier disregard of election laws and regulations. These violations are ironic since Schwarz was endorsed by Sen. John McCain and the Republican Mainstreet Partnership Board is full of those who favor onerous campaign rules and further limits on free speech.”

Click here (PDF file) to read the full complaint.

The Upcoming Senate Battle

Andrew Roth - December 01st, 2006

Rejecting Pork-Laden Spending Bills Would Show Voters that GOP Learned its Lesson, Says Club for Growth

WASHINGTON &mdash Citing lopsided polling results that show voters no longer believe the GOP is the party of limited government and lower spending, the Club for Growth today called on all Senate Republicans to stand firm and support Senators Tom Coburn and Jim DeMint in their efforts to remove the wasteful pork from the remaining FY 2007 spending bills that are due to hit the Senate floor with a massive thud next week.

“On Election Day, the voters held an intervention with the GOP on its self-destructive spending habit. Now it’s time to go cold turkey. Any Republican who votes for more pork and more wasteful spending as a final gesture before the party goes into the minority is either lost, in denial, or both,” said Pat Toomey, President of the Club for Growth.

“We are now at a crucial fork in the road. It’s time for the GOP to return to the path of fiscal restraint, rather than go down the path of ever-expanding government. Senators Tom Coburn and Jim DeMint are doing the right thing both for taxpayers and for any hope of restoring the GOP’s core principle of fighting for limited government,” said Toomey.