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Club for Growth Statement On Reported Cantor CR Proposal

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 Club for Growth President Chris Chocola: “Are these news reports from The Onion? Or are they real?” 

Washington, DC – The Club for Growth issued the following statement on newsreports that the House Republican leadership is preparing to offer a Continuing Resolution through a legislative procedure that will allow House Republicans to vote for a bill that will wind up funding Obamacare, without having their “fingerprints” on it: 

From Politico: Most simply the procedure calls for sending the Senate a stopgap spending bill together with a resolution that would alter the text of the bill once it’s enrolled for presentation to President Barack Obama.In this case, the so-called “enrollment correction” would bar funding to carry out Public Law 111-148, Obama’s signature health care reforms. But the Democratic-controlled Senate retains the right to choose: accepting the spending resolution with or without the “correction.” 

From National Review: Under the Cantor plan, the House would vote on two measures, the CR and a resolution that amends the CR to defund Obamacare. Both measures would be brought under a rule that allows the Senate to send only the clean CR to the president, but only after they first vote on whether to defund Obamacare. If the Senate voted against defunding Obamacare, they could then pass the clean CR. 

“Are these news reports from The Onion? Or are they real?” said Club for Growth President Chris Chocola. “When members were at home over recess, did they hear their constituents ask for legislative tricks or principled leadership? Trying to fool Republicans into voting to fund Obamacare is even worse than offering a bill that deliberately funds it. I hope this proposal is nothing more than a bad joke and is quickly discarded. Republicans should simply do what they say they are for by passing a Continuing Resolution that doesn’t fund Obamacare.”


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